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Improve your skills, attend to a workshop with our buyers/experts


To purchasing efficiency

A workshop focusing on one purchasing issue in a friendly place with teamwork concept
A team of max. 6 attendees to foster dialogue
An opportunity to share filed experience and technical expertise

Purchasing fundamentals

Improving your purchasing performance?
Our workshops 'Mastering Purchasing Fundamentals' will help you to develop your skills.

Technical purchasing

Facing issues about technical purchases ?
You get or improve your technical knowledge about forming processes such as casting or about materials families such as composites.

Authorized Training Center

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Training schedule

Attend to one-day thematic workshop to improve your Purchasing expertise

Built to answer to each step of Purchasing process
Enhanced by our experts' experience

Relied on sharing experience and communication
Based on interactivity between the attendees

Put one's knowledge into operational practice
Increase efficiency

Our job

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