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Cost optimization

HutisA can link a purchasing improvement approach with a high
added value project, impacting directly your gross margin


We combine our technical and purchasing expertises to our sectoral experiences with the HutisA's methods to help our customers to reduce costs significantly and sustainably by working on value. Adapting our methods to customers' projects, organizations and environments, we perform both in leading VA-VE workshops, in support of project managers and in piloting design-to-cost project.
REFERENCES: Atlantic Group, Bimedia, Armor Group, CETIH Group, ACS, Microcar, Eolane

turnkey project

With our technical & purchasing expertise plus our experience in project management, you can entrust us for the management of your high economic stakes projects.
Our team of experts, project managers and supplier quality managers, will drive your project from the innovation phase to industrial production, in compliance with the targeted price set together.
Your advantage: Controlling your development.
REFERENCES: Bimedia, ABE, Eolane

Management of purchasing project

Whether for a few hours, days or months, we set up a project team with ad hoc skills and the most relevant and pragmatic organization in relation with the challenge and complexity of your project. Some examples: relocation, outsourcing, re-sourcing projects, ...
REFERENCES: TMW, Hamworthy, Devialet, Donkey, Dintec


Purchases impact directly your stock and your need for working capital. Our team supports you in improving your stock management by working on optimizing your stock coverage, safety stock levels, MOQ... with the aim to define a coherent strategy for stocks, in line with your operational objectives.

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