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Purchasing services

HutisA is able to address the fluctuation of your business
by providing you the right resources at the right time

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We offer our customers to use our buyers and project managers for specific missions, with the idea to have "the right person, in the right place, at the right time, the right needs". Our buyers are always managed by one of our senior expert.


With our ability to implement the appropriate organization, we can take over part of or all of your purchasing function. This offer is particularly suitable for start-ups and SMEs, allowing them to variabilize costs, to have an efficient purchasing organization with a high-skilled workforce, appropriate to your needs.
REFERENCES: Bimedia, TMW, Logelis


Our experts can help your company to reach their objectives. Working previously as lead buyers, our experts are used to develop skills of buyers, purchasing managers or directors whether on purchasing or technological issues.
Our experts can assist your team in order to offer on demand support tailored to business objectives. Having worked at purchasing management positions, our experts are used to raise competence of buyers, managers or directors whether on issues related to technics or methods.
REFERENCES: Atlantic Group, General Transmissions, ACS, Fimec, Tristone

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Recruiting the right purchasing manager or buyer uses a mix of technical and purchasing skills & knowledge of the function. In addition to the benefit of recruitment agencies or HR services, we offer you specific diagnostic to help you defining your needs, combined with meetings between one of our experts and the final candidates.
REFERENCES : General Transmissions, Fimec, TMG, Rousseau SAS

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